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ASX Announcements

Keep up to date with all the latest media announcements from Kresta.

Download the PDFs provided for more detail.

16/09/2020KRS Removal from official list1
14/09/2020KRS Market Update – Proposed delisting1
10/09/2020KRS Market Update – ASX extension to deadline for automaticdelisting1
24/07/2020KRS – Notice of 2020 AGM10
24/07/2020KRS 2020 AGM Results16
23/07/2020Letter to ASX – KRS reponse to Appendix 3Y – Change of Director’sInterest Notice Query2
21/07/2020KRS ASX Announcement – 3Y Directors Interest Notice3
22/06/2020KRS ASX Announcement – Change of CFO1
27/05/2020KRS Notification under Listing rule 4.3D – 2019 Financial Statement1
27/05/2020KRS ASX Announcement – FY19 Annual Results1
01/04/2020Appendix 3X Initial Director’s Interest Notice2
01/04/2020Appendix 3Z Final Director’s Interest Notice2
02/12/2019Initial Directors Interest Notice2
02/12/2019Financial Reports Updates1
02/12/2019KRS ASX 30 November 2019 – Financial Reports update1
02/12/2019Financial Reports update – KRS 30 September1
02/12/2019KRS ASX 30 August 2019 – Financial Reports Update1
02/12/2019Director Appointment1
02/12/2019Director Appointment Further Information1
02/12/2019KRS ASX 31 October 2019 Financial Reports update1
02/12/2019Extension of Time to hold 2019 AGM and Reporting to Members1
02/12/2019Financial Reports and AGM – Update3
02/12/2019Strategy Review Update4
02/12/2019Restructure by Major Shareholder1
02/12/2019Restructure of Major Shareholder6
02/12/2019Suspension from Official Quotation – Continued1
02/12/2019Restructure by Major Shareholder 28 Oct 20196
02/12/2019Response to ASX Query10
02/12/2019KRS GM 2019 Voting Result1
02/12/2019KRS Corporate Update1
02/12/2019Notice of General Meeting_Proxy Form9
02/12/2019Preliminary Final Report Year 201810
20/12/2018Appendix 4D June 20181
20/12/2018Strategic Review1
20/12/2018Half Year Financial Report June 20181
30/11/2018Request for Suspension of Securities1
30/11/2018Initial Director’s Interest Notice2
09/11/2018Directors Resignation1
09/11/2018Final Directors Interest Notice2
03/09/2018Initial Directors Interest Notice2
03/09/2018Final Directors Interest Notice2
03/09/2018Initial Directors Interest Notice2
03/09/2018Company Secretary Changes1
31/08/2018Suspension from Official Quotation1
31/08/2018KRS Pause in Trading1
31/08/2018Strategic Review and Board Changes2
31/08/2018KRS Request for Suspension1
25/05/2018Results of 2018 Annual General Meeting1
01/05/2018Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form12
19/04/2018Changes to Directors of Kresta Holdings Limited1
19/04/2018Appendix 3X Initial Directors Interest Notice2
09/04/2018Final Director’s Interest2
31/03/2018Appendix 4G11
29/03/2018Notification under ASX Listing Rule 4.3D1
28/02/2018Preliminary Final Report Dec 201710
19/01/2018Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary changes1
31/08/2017June 2017 Half Year Accounts24
31/08/2017Appendix 4D June 20172
01/08/2017Kresta Holdings Board Changes1
01/08/2017Final Director’s Interest Notice2
01/08/2017Initial Director’s Interest Notice2
25/05/2017Results of 2017 Annual General Meeting1
09/05/2017Notice of Annual General Meeting8
31/03/2017December 2016 Annual Results1
31/03/2017Appendix 4G11
01/03/2017Appendix 4E (Preliminary Final Report)10
30/11/2016Director & Management Changes1
30/11/2016Final Directors Interest Notice2
30/11/2016Initial Directors Interest Notice2
23/08/2016June 2016 Half Year results announcement1
23/08/2016June 2016 Half Year Accounts20
23/08/2016Appendix 4D June 20162
22/08/2016Kresta Holdings Limited Trading Halt2
23/05/2016Director and Company Secretary changes and trading update2
23/05/2016Final Director’s Interest Notice2
26/04/2016Appendix 4G12
22/04/2016Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form8
22/04/20162015 Annual Report December 201582
07/04/2016Kresta Holdings Limited Executive Changes2
29/02/2016Preliminary Final Report December 201511
29/02/2016Annual Results Announcement December 20152
24/12/2015Change of Director’s Interest Notice3
11/12/2015New Parent Company Loan Facility1
07/12/2015Change of Director’s Interest Notice3
17/08/2015Appendix 4D June 20152
14/08/2015June 2015 Half Year Results Announcement1
14/08/2015June 2015 Half Year Accounts20
28/05/2015May 2015 Annual General Meeting Script3
28/05/2015Results of May 2015 Annual General Meeting1
27/04/2015Release of Notice of Annual General Meeting and March Quarter Trading1
24/04/2015Notice of Annual General Meeting / Proxy form10
24/04/2015Annual Report December 201490
09/04/2015Termination of Acquisition Agreement1
27/02/2015Preliminary Final report December 1411
27/02/2015December 14 results and Aquisition update2
27/02/2015Annual Financial Report Dec 1485
14/01/2015Change of Year End – Kresta Holdings Ltd1
13/01/2015Change in substantial holding2
13/01/2015Change of Director’s Interest2
13/01/2015Change of Director’s Interest2
13/01/2015Change of Director’s Interest3
24/12/2014Kresta to aquire Franklyn Blinds Awnings Security1
01/12/2014New Chairman for Kresta Holdings1
18/11/20142014 AGM Script5
18/11/2014Results of 2014 AGM1
17/10/2014Notice of Annual General Meeting12
17/10/2014Annual Report to shareholders92
03/09/2014Change of Director’s Interest Notice2
29/08/2014Final Director’s Interest Notice2
29/08/2014Director Resignation1
28/08/2014Preliminary Final Report 2014- Appendix 4E11
28/08/2014Annual Financial Report June 201488
28/08/2014Annual Financial Results 20142
27/08/2014Notice of change of interest of substantial holder3
25/08/2014Change of Director’s Interest Notice2
25/08/2014Notice of change of interests of substantial holder3
25/08/2014Change of Director’s Interest Notice2
25/08/2014Change of Director’s Interest Notice2
25/08/2014Notice of ceasing to be a substantial holder4
22/08/2014Notice of change of interests of substantial holder3
21/08/2014Notice of change of interests of substantial holder3
18/08/2014Notice of change of interest of substantial holder3
18/08/2014Change of Director’s Interest Notice2
14/08/2014Notice of change of interests of substantial holder3
12/08/2014Change of Director’s Interest Notice2
12/08/2014Change of Director’s Interest Notice2
12/08/2014Change of Director’s Interest Notice2
05/08/2014Notice of change of interest of substantial shareholder3
05/08/2014Change of Director’s Interest Notice2
29/07/2014Change in substantial holding3
29/07/2014Results Guidance1
29/07/2014Change of Director’s Interest2
28/07/2014Bidders Statement – Market Bid1
24/07/2014Change of Director’s Interest2
22/07/2014Change of Director’s Interest Notice3
22/07/2014Target’s Statement and Independent Expert’s Report96
22/07/2014Change in substantial holding3
22/07/2014Change of Director’s Interest Notice2
22/07/2014Change in substantial holding – Amended3
14/07/2014APlus – Satisfaction of conditions precedent1
14/07/2014Trading Halt2
14/07/2014Takeover Announcement4
14/07/2014Takeover bid received for Kresta1
14/07/2014Change in substantial holding3
14/07/2014Change in substantial holding5
14/07/2014Bidder’s Statement35
26/06/2014Takeover Offer Update1
12/06/2014Initial Director’s Interest Notice2
12/06/2014Initial Director’s Interest Notice2
10/06/2014Final Director’s Interest Notice2
10/06/2014KRS Receives Notice of Intention of Takeover Offer7
06/06/2014Board Changes2
06/06/2014Final Director’s Interest Notice2
23/05/2014Becoming a substantial holder2
23/05/2014Ceasing to be a substantial holder1
23/05/2014Ceasing to be a substantial holder1
07/05/2014Change in substantial holding3
02/05/2014Change in substantial holding2
02/05/2014Change of Director’s Interest Notice3
17/04/2014Change in substantial holding2
17/04/2014Change of Director’s Interest Notice3
15/04/2014Further Response to Query1
14/04/2014Response to Price Query3
07/04/2014Executive Director Agreements1
19/03/2014Response to ASX Query4
13/03/2014Initial Director’s Interest Notice2
13/03/2014Initial Director’s Interest Notice2
13/03/2014Final Director’s Interest Notice2
13/03/2014Final Director’s Interest Notice2
12/03/2014Initial Director’s interest Notice2
10/03/2014Executive Management Changes2
26/02/2014Appendix 4D and Half Year Report December 1322
26/02/2014Kresta Half Year Results Release3
13/02/2014Changes to Board of KHL2
06/02/2014Director Appointment1
06/02/2014Initial Director’s Interest Notice2
04/02/2014Director Resignation1
04/02/2014Final Director’s Interest Notice2
29/01/2014Change in substantial holding3
30/12/2013Becoming a substantial holder2
24/12/2013Change of Director’s Interest Notice2
11/12/2013Becoming a substantial holder3
09/12/2013Ceasing to become a substantial holder – KHL3
22/11/2013Results of 2013 AGM2
22/11/2013CEO’s Address to Shareholders9
09/10/2013KRS Annual Report 201348
09/10/2013KRS Notice of AGM & Proxy Form14
28/08/2013Annual Results 2013 – ASX Announcement and Press Release3
28/08/2013Annual Financial Report June 201389
28/08/2013Preliminary Final Report – Appendix 4E11
14/08/2013New Chairman for Kresta Holdings Limited2
04/06/2013KRS ASX Announcement Appendix 3Y Peter Abery 0206132
24/05/2013KRS ASX Announcement Appendix 3Y CHange of Directors Interest Richard Taylor2
24/05/2013KRS ASX Announcement Appendix 3Y Change of Directors Interest Robert Farrar2
24/05/2013KRS ASX Announcement Appointment of Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary1
20/05/2013KRS ASX Announcement Appendix 3Y 2005132
20/05/2013KRS ASX Announcement Appendix 3Y2
09/05/2013KRS ASX Announcement Appendix 3Y Change of Directors Interest Notice2
23/04/2013KRS- ASX Announcement Change of Directors Interest Notice appendix 3Y2
22/03/2013KRS ASX Announcement Issue of Shares to Executives13
22/02/2013KRS ASX Announcement Half Year Report 31 December 201222
13/02/2013KRS ASX Announcement Issue of shares to CEO Appendix 3B 12021313
30/01/2013KRS ASX Announcement Sale of 391 Victoria Rd Malaga1
23/11/2012KRS Results of 2012 AGM 231120122
23/11/2012KRS 2012 Annual General Meeting Chairmans Address to Member 2311201217
25/10/2012KRS Notice of Meeting & Proxy Form AGM 2311201210
25/10/2012KRS Annual Report June 30th 201288
31/08/2012KRS Annual Report 30th June 201289
31/08/2012ASX Announcement KRS Appendix 4E Preliminary Final Report12
22/08/2012ASX Announcement Appointment of Chief Executive Officer 220820122
22/08/2012ASX Announcement KRS Sale of buildings & Land 220820121
20/07/2012KRS ASX Announcement Substantial Share Holder Form 603 LD COM PTY LTD3
20/07/2012KRS ASX Announcement FORM 605 Ceasing to be a substantial Holder 200720126
26/06/2012KRS ASX Announcement Robert Farrar & Peter Abery to Board of Directors 260620125
31/05/2012KRS ASX Announcement Change of Directors Interest Notification Appendix 3Y2
15/05/2012KRS ASX Announcement Management change & Trading Update2
23/03/2012KRS ASX Announcement Appendix 3Z Final Directors Interest Notice Trent Bartlett2
21/03/2012KRS ASX Announcement Director Resignation Trent Bartlett1
27/02/2012KRS Amended Form 6033
23/02/2012KRS Treasury Policy FIN 10009
17/02/2012KRS ASX Announcement Half Year Report 31 December 201122
06/01/2012KRS Sale of Buildings & Land 387 Victoria Rd Malaga1
28/11/2011KRS Final Directors Notice2
23/11/2011KRS 2011 AGM Presentation40
23/11/2011KRS Results of 2011 AGM2
18/11/2011Ceasing to be a Substantial Shareholder2
18/11/2011Becoming a Substantial Shareholder4
25/10/2011KRS Notice of AGM & Proxy Form16
06/09/2011KRS Opening Briefing5
30/08/2011KRS Change in Substantial Shareholding4
29/08/2011KRS Preliminary Final Report App 4E12
29/08/2011KRS Annual Report83
29/08/2011KRS Presentation to Analysts14
09/08/2011KRS Streamlining Operations2
22/07/2011KRS Market Update1
15/07/2011Change of interests of substantial holder4
30/05/2011KRS Wildweb Takeover Offer Closed1
30/05/2011KRS New Company Secretary1
16/05/2011KRS New CEO Appointment2
18/04/2011KRS Settles MD Litigation1
05/04/2011KRS New Director Appointments3
05/04/2011KRS Initial Directors Interest Notice x 25
17/03/2011Notice of Status of Defeating Conditions2
16/03/2011Fourth Supplementary Bidder`s Statement2
15/03/2011Change in substantial holding from PPT8
14/03/2011KRS EGM Resolution Results2
14/03/2011Third Supplementary Bidder`s Statement2
14/03/2011KRS Initial and Final Directors Notices9
07/03/2011Change in Substantial Holding3
04/03/2011Wildweb Takeover Offer Update4
04/03/2011Wildweb Second Supp Bidders Statement4
02/03/2011Target’s Statement in Response to Takeover Offer by Wildweb Enterprises104
25/02/2011Independant Expert’s Report – Clarification regarding Proposed Dividend1
23/02/2011Independant expert’s Report on Wildweb Enterprise’s Bid for Kresta Holdings Limited 23.02.201168
19/02/2011Changes of Interest of Substantial Holders3
17/02/2011Completion of Dispatch of Bidders Statement70
16/02/2011Change in Substantial Holdings PPT8
15/02/2011Change in Substantial Holdings8
15/02/2011First Supplementary Bidders Statement4
11/02/2011Notice of Postponement of EGM1
11/02/2011Half Year Report – To December 201020
09/02/2011Notice to Shareholders2
04/02/2011Notice of Change of Interests of Substantial Shareholder4
02/02/2011Directors Statement re: Takeover2
01/02/2011Takeover Offer Received6
25/01/2011Preliminary Half Year Financial Results3
04/01/2011KRS Notice of General Meeting & Proxy Form 2323
22/12/2010KHL – Share Trading Policy2
16/12/2010Change in substantial holding from HHL5
14/12/2010KRS Section 249D Notice Received1
14/12/2010HHL: Corporations Act 2001 Section 249D Notice3
26/11/2010KRS Results of 2010 AGM1
25/11/2010Kresta Holdings 2010 AGM Chairman`s Address to Shareholders2
05/11/2010KRS Change of Director`s Interest Notice2
26/10/2010Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form9
26/10/2010Resignation of CFO/Co. Secretary and Appt of Co. Secretary1
11/10/2010Director Appointment/Resignation1
11/10/2010Appointment of Interim Chief Executive Officer1
14/09/2010Reinstatement to Official Quotation1
14/09/2010Inventory Write Down and Re-Instatement2
13/09/2010Suspension from Official Quotation2
10/09/2010Change in substantial holding from HHL4
09/09/2010Trading Halt2
07/09/2010Final Director`s Interest Notice2
07/09/2010Change in substantial holding from HHL4
06/09/2010Director Appointment/Resignation1
19/08/2010Preliminary Final Report15
16/07/2010Change in substantial holding from HHL4
28/06/2010Appendix 3B7
24/06/2010Final Director`s Interest Notice2
22/06/2010Director Appointment/Resignation1
12/05/2010Strong third quarter sales in retail sector2
08/03/2010Response to ASX Query3
03/03/2010Initial Director`s Interest Notice2
24/02/2010Director Appointment/Resignation1
22/02/2010Half Yearly Report and Accounts24
03/02/2010Change in substantial holding from HHL5
03/02/2010Becoming a substantial holder5
02/02/2010Change in substantial holding from PPT8
27/01/2010Profit Upgrade2
04/01/2010Acquires Ace of Shades business1
16/11/2009Results of Meeting1
03/11/2009Director Appointment/Resignation1
02/11/2009Chairman`s Address to Shareholders3
27/10/2009Change of Director`s Interest Notice2
15/10/2009Change of Director`s Interest Notice2
01/10/2009Ceasing to be a substantial holder3
29/09/2009Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form8
24/08/2009Preliminary Final Report15
16/07/2009Anticipates Significant Improvement in Second Half Result1
15/07/2009Appointment of Non-Executive Director1
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