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The revolutionary blind that can reduce energy bills and provide year-round comfort!

Environmentally friendly cellular blinds help keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, thanks to their  excellent insulation qualities.

The unique honeycomb shaped cells trap air, helping to keep a more constant indoor temperature and saving both money and energy.

Light control, insulation and privacy in one blind

Stylish, practical and durable, cellular blinds can be custom made to suit any size window, and come in a range of fashion colours and fabrics from light filtering to room darkening.

They are also easy to use, thanks to a specially designed cord lock system that holds the blind firmly in any position.  When raised, the blind stacks neatly and tightly against the header rail, almost out of view.

The lightweight 100%  polyester fabric is anti-static and actually repels dust and dirt – all they need is an occasional vacuum to keep them  looking like new.

Unique air pockets for superior insulation.
Save money on energy costs.
Wide range of colours and fabrics.
Light filtering or room darkening.
Crisp, long lasting even pleats.
Colour coordinated rail for a sleek finish.
Available in single and double cells.

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