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Kresta Awnings-An Essential Choice to You

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Do you still remember the terrible weather in Australia a few days ago? some Australian areas were exposed to the extreme heatwave which is over 50℃, but this is not the end. The Bureau of Meteorology Australia predicts that the heatwave will continue until April.

What will you do?

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Kresta Awnings are a great way to add living space to your home while protecting it from the elements. Whether you want privacy, shade, security of all of the above, Kresta’s range of outdoor awnings offer the perfect solution to the harsh Australia climate.


From colorful plains or stunning stripes in quality acrylic canvas in quality acrylic canvas, blockout or sunscreen fabric – Kresta has a huge of designer fabrics to choose them. Durable, practical, stylish, and ultimately functional, Kresta will change the way you view your outdoors.


Acrylic is the best fabric choice when buying an awning. 100% solution dyed acrylic fibre means the fabric and colour will outperform other methods such as yarn dyeing or fabric dyeing.


Canvas fabrics have been specially designed to totally block out sun, wind and rain whilst offering lasting colour vibrancy.


Woven mesh fabrics lets light in yet keeps out the sun’s harsh ray. Unlike conventional awning fabrics, woven mesh’s unique design allows you to see through from the inside and enjoy the view whilst filtering out the sun’s damaging rays and keeping the interior cool.


Which type of awning should I choose?

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Fixed Guide Awnings : the perfect outdoor awning for homes with high, hard to reach windows.

Folding Arm Awningsideal for large spaces, the folding arm awning can extend up to 3-4 meters, with the ability to then easily fold away. You can also angle the awning for optimum protection from the sun.

Sunshade Awning: it creates shade whilst retaining the view. Sleek and elegant, their extremely high UV protection makes them ideal for verandas, pergolas or balustrades.

Rio Auto Awning: available in acrylics, canvas and mesh, the Rio auto awning can help strop the harsh sunlight from damaging floor covering furnishings inside your home. It is ideal for a close fit to windows on the ground floor or onto a balcony.

Santa Fe Crank Drop Awning: is the outdoor blinds solution for patios and alfresco spaces, th simple crank mechanism allows for easy operation.

Cafe Awning: is a cost effective option for patios, verandas and alfresco areas. Made from clear PVC material, they can be operated with a simple rope and pulley system.

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If you would like to know which type of awnings is right for you, please reach out Kresta for expert advice by calling 133 096.

Make the most of your outdoors spaces with quality Custom Made Awnings from Kresta. Choose the style to suit your lifestyle with amazing options that create security and privacy for your home.

- April 11, 2019