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Shutters- Bathroom Window Treatment


There are two special areas when you consider choosing the right window material for them: kitchen and bathroom. In the kitchen, we spend a lot of time there, whether it be preparing meals, celebrating moments or talking with others, as a space that is frequently used as easily accumulates dusts and greasy dirt. In the bathroom, whether we are taking a shower at night or washing our face in the morning, you don’t want people on the street to look in what you are doing if your bathroom has a window; so it is important to choose right window solution to control privacy, lightness and airflow.

Curtains or drapes?

2019041116472They cannot be exposed to the steamy environment, sometimes the fabric will get in the way of sink or bath tub, and it’s inconvenient to clean them regularly, on the other hand, they intrude into the floor space making a compact room even smaller, and bathroom harder to move freely around in.



Wooden blinds can be crack by humidity and steam, which they won’t last a long time and you have to change them often. Some blind styles only offers the option of covering or uncovering the window portion, neither of which is undesirable. Blinds are also difficult to clean, which is far from ideal in a room where hygiene is critical


Yes! Plantation shutters provide you with the high security that every inch of the window is covered. The louvers of the shutters can be tilted to bring in more light as needed, and you can easily open and close them with a tilt rod. They have good ventilation that allowing fresh air to come in and harsh air to go out. Bathroom is a wet area which has high humidity levels, which means wood and cloth window coverings will grow mold and rot easily.

Our Alycore Plus PVC shutters have aluminum cores with UV inhibitors and will not absorb moisture, delaminate, split, crack, are impervious to damp and easy to clean. They blends the strength, stability, and precision of man-made materials with the beauty, character, and elegance of real wood

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If your bathroom windows are already covered, you may want to consider replacing with a more durable window treatment like our Alycore Plus PVC Shutters, please reach out Kresta for expert advice by calling 133 096 or fill out the form below today.

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